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Method for continuous molding and apparatus therefor

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5830390.

A method and apparatus for a nonsynchronous system for continuously molding articles from a material cured by the control of temperature and pressure. The apparatus includes a multi-section self-clamping mold, a controller system, a material injector, a transfer system, a curing apparatus for curing the articles, and a mold separator-assembler. The method comprises pre-treating and then assembling the mold in a clamped condition. Under the control of the controller system, the mold is then injected with material from the injector, and moved by the transfer system through the curing apparatus to cure the material within the mold. Once cured, the controller system moves the mold to the mold separator-assembler via the transfer system. The mold is then disassembled into sections, the molded article is removed, and the sections are pre-treated and reassembled, for the next injection operation.

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