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Chart for measurement of non-alignment characteristics and tilting direction type of skeleton

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #5829984.

A chart for measuring a non-alignment characteristics and tilting direction type is used in preparatory stage of treatment for various diseases, for inspecting non-parallel tilt of skeleton of a subject of inspection, and when non-parallel tilt is caused in a body of the subject of inspection, determining the tiling direction type of the subject of inspection. The chart includes a tender point inspection chart containing a human body chart illustrating a human body, and a plurality of tender point inspecting points, at each of which inspection is to be performed for checking whether a tender point is present or not, the plurality of tender point inspecting points are symmetric at both lateral sides with respect to a center axis of the human body, and a tilting direction pattern chart containing the human body chart, a plurality of tender point designating points arranged at respective positions where the tender points are present with respect to respective tilting direction types as tender point patterns, muscular apparatus respectively associated with respective tilting direction types, and symptom patterns respectively corresponding to the muscular apparatus associated with the tilting direction types, and the tilting direction type pattern chart including a plurality of charts respectively illustrating tender points distribution respectively corresponding the tilting direction types.

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