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Electrostatographic single-pass multiple station printer and method with register control

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5828937.

An electrostatographic single-pass multiple station multi-colour printer for forming an image onto a web. The printer has a plurality of toner image-printing electrostatographic stations. Each station has a drum onto the surface of which a toner image can be formed. An exposure station forms an electrostatic toner image line-wise on each drum surface. A corona device transfers the toner image onto the web, which is conveyed in succession past the stations in synchronism with the rotation of the drum surface. A register control device is provided for controlling the operation of each of the stations in timed relationship thereby to obtain correct registering of the distinct toner images on the web. The register control device includes an encoder driven by the displacement of the web to produce pulses indicative of web displacement, and delay system arranged to initiate the operation of subsequent stations after a predetermined web displacement, as measured by the encoder, has occurred. The invention enables accurate registration of the transferred images, irrespective of the speed of the paper web through the printer.

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