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Reservoir having a screw cap for nail enamel, mascara or the like

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5826741.

In a reservoir having a screw cap for nail enamel, mascara or the like, with a view to attaining a defined final position in the screwing process and reliable closing that is impermeable to liquids and gas-tight, manufacturing tolerances of the reservoir, as occur in particular with glass reservoirs, being taken into account, it is provided that on the upper side of an annular collar (11) of the reservoir (1), provision is made for at least one projection (12) which extends over a certain angle at circumference (.beta.1, .beta.2) of the collar and which, in cross-section, has a stop inclination, a rounded region of transition toward a plateau region (19) that runs approximately parallel to the base surface, and a stop shoulder (20) that is approximately perpendicular thereto downwards, at least one recess (14) of a contour which approximately corresponds to the projection and which extends over about the same angle at circumference being disposed on the lower edge of the screw cap (4), the lower edge of the screw cap (4) extending upwards toward the region on the stop inclination of the recess (14) by an inclination in the direction of the thread pitch, the angle (.GAMMA.) of this inclination being slightly smaller than the thread pitch (.alpha.).

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