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Composite papermaking fabric with paired weft binding yarns

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5826627.

A composite forming fabric in which the woven paper and machine side layers are interconnected by pairs of intrinsic weft binder yarns which interweave with the paper side layer to occupy an unbroken weft path. Each member interweaves sequentially with the warps of the paper side layer and with at least one warp of the machine side layer. Each part of the unbroken weft path is separated from adjacent parts by at least one paper side layer warp yarn. The unbroken weft path is the same, or different, to the weft path of the immediately adjacent paper side layer weft yarns. This arrangement overcomes the paper side layer surface imperfections, which cause an unacceptable level of marking, hitherto associated with the use of intrinsic weft binder yarns in composite fabrics.

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