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Vehicle safety device controller

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5825098.

A safety device controller for controlling safety devices and a method of controlling activation of a safety device in a vehicle safety system are disclosed. The safety device controller is capable of activating various safety devices to protect the occupants of a vehicle in the event of a crash. It is capable of operating devices such as airbags, seatbelt tensioners, fuel cutoff switches, battery disconnect switches, emergency notification devices, and location notification devices. The safety device controller is capable of performing self tests and sending the results of these tests to a central electronic control unit over a communication bus. Upon receipt of a coded command from the central electronic control unit, the safety device controller activates a safety device by discharging stored energy into a squib or electromechanical device to activate the safety device. An optional safing sensor may be installed in the safety device controller to prevent inadvertent actuation of the safety device.

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