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Flow cytometer

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #5824269.

A flowcytometer includes a sheath flow cell for forming a sample stream containing particles; a detector for detecting the particle at a first area to generate a signal representative of the particle; an imaging device for capturing an image of the particle at a second area of the sample stream; a display; a calculator for calculating a plurality of characteristic parameters of each particle; a distribution preparation device for preparing a distribution of the characteristic parameters to display the distribution on the display; a designation device for previously designating a region in the distribution; a region memory for storing the designated region; a decision device for deciding whether the characteristic parameters of the particle detected at the first area by the detection means are located in the designated region stored in the region memory; an image controller for allowing the imaging device to imaging the particle when the characteristic parameters are located in the designated region; an image memory for storing the image of the particle; and a controller for selectively reading the image of the particle to allow the display device to display the read image.

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