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Apparatus and method for removing artificial fingernails and fingernail polish

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5823203.

An apparatus for removing artificial fingernails and/or fingernail polish includes a receptacle holding a quantity of solvent for dissolving artificial fingernails and/or fingernail polish. The receptacle has an open top through which all the fingers of a user's hand can be inserted simultaneously to immerse the user's fingertips in the solvent. An annular brush is secured inside the receptacle in position to engage the fingernails of fingers inserted through the open top, for scuffing the fingernails to facilitate dissolving and removing fingernail polish and/or artificial fingernails from the fingers of the user. A rotatable finger support and locating device is positioned concentrically with the annular brush to assist in properly supporting and locating the fingers of the user relative to the brush, and a splash shield is positioned around the periphery of the open top to minimize splashing of solvent from the receptacle during use. The user's fingers from which fingernail polish and/or artificial fingernails are to be removed can be inserted into the apparatus and into contact with the brush and then moved back and forth relative to the brush for manual operation of the apparatus, or the apparatus may be motor driven to move the brush in one or both directions of rotation relative to the user's fingers for mechanized operation of the apparatus.

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