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Magnetic data recording/reproducing device with voice coil motor having center yoke back yoke with bent portions and permanent magnet arranged to generate magnetic fields

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5822157.

In a magnetic data recording/reproducing device comprising a voice coil motor for use in driving a carriage assembly having a magnetic head for recording and reproducing data on and from a disk-shaped magnetic recording medium, the voice coil motor comprises a pair of voice coils integrally arranged with the carriage assembly on both sides thereof and a pair of magnetic circuit devices for use in generating magnetic fields which intersect over electric currents flowing through the pair of voice coils. Each of the magnetic circuit devices comprises a center yoke passing through the voice coil and a back yoke having a main surface extending in parallel with the center yoke at a certain distance and being opposed to the center yoke. The back yoke has bent portions each of which is bent at a generally right angle. The bent portions are magnetically connected to the corresponding ends of the center yoke. A permanent magnet is fixed to the main surface of the back yoke.

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