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Saddle bindery apparatus with make-ready referencing

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #5820325.

A method of make-ready of a bindery apparatus includes the steps of providing indicia relating to the size of the signature on the apparatus to locate inner and outer ends of pocket guides for pocket machines to obtain a proper bow of the signatures and a proper location of the signatures for feeding to a rotary gripper mechanism. Indicia are provided on the rotary gripper mechanism relating to the drop of the signature onto a saddle. Information from a previous run of the same signature is used to set the rotary gripper mechanism to time the signature drop. Indicia are also provided for locating a first gathering conveyor to allow setting of signature pushing lugs to a position related to the length of the signature, while the gathering conveyor is at a predetermined reference position. Similarly, indicia related to the length of the signature are used to position pushing lugs on a second conveyor. A trimmer apparatus having knives to trim book forms of signatures is also set and the knives are positioned using indicia related to the trimmed size of the signature book forms.

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