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Needle core biopsy device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5817033.

A needle biopsy device has a suction source, an inner cannula, and an outer cannula. The inner cannula has a biopsy reservoir formed proximate the distal end thereof and also has a lumen formed therein. The lumen provides fluid communication from the suction source to the biopsy reservoir. The outer cannula is slidably disposed about the inner cannula and has a cutter formed at the distal end thereof. The outer cannula has a distal position wherein it substantially covers the biopsy reservoir and has a proximate position wherein the biopsy reservoir is substantially exposed. An actuating mechanism moves the outer cannula from the distal position to the proximate position thereof, facilitates the application of suction from the suction source to the biopsy reservoir and moves the outer cannula from the proximate position to the distal position thereof. Moving the outer cannula from the distal position to the proximate position thereof and creating suction that the biopsy reservoir causes a tissue sample to be pulled into the biopsy reservoir. Moving the outer cannula from the proximal position to the distal position thereof causes the cutter to cut the tissue sample from surrounding tissue and also captures the tissue sample within the biopsy reservoir.

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