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Multiposition folding control surface for improved launch stability in missiles

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5816532.

A multiposition folding control surface for missiles designed to provide improved launch stability therefor. The control surface can be folded in one of two positions depending upon size and stability requirements, a first folded position for compact carriage with minimal stability requirements, and a second folded position for a less compact carriage with added stability requirements. The multiposition folding control surface comprises a spindle fitting which is attached to the missile, and which is rotatably controlled by a flight control actuator. A center fitting is hingedly attached to the spindle fitting, and provides a nonactuated folding of the center fitting to accommodate more compact missile storage in a shipping container. An actuator housing is hingedly attached to the center fitting, and provides the major aerodynamic surfaces for the control surface. An actuated hinged linkage is attached to the actuator housing, and has an anchor link, one end of which can be attached by a release pin to either the center fitting to provide the first folded position, or the actuator housing to provide the second folded position, depending upon which of the first and second fold positions is selected. A power actuator is provided for powering the actuated hinged linkage, and uses the same power stroke to deploy the actuator housing from either of the first or second folded positions to a fully deployed and extended flight position.

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