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Device for folding up bed sheets and the like

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5816434.

A sheet folding device that enables a single operator to easily fold bed sheets (fitted and flat), bed spreads, tablecloths and other sheet-like materials, the device employing a sheet clutching clamp 20 and a folding bar 28 both attached to a mounting plate 7. Placement of the mounting plate 7 onto any vertical surface enables the device to accommodate articles of differing sizes. A sheet clutching clamp 20 in my preferred embodiment is a spring clip 20. The folding bar 28 is the element about which a fold is made. In my preferred embodiment a 90 degree hook with an elastomeric sleeve 40 is effective for this task. The present invention can be mounted to a wall, mobile cart or any vertical surface. A sheet may refer to a bed sheet (fitted or flat), bed spread, tablecloth or any other material that requires folding. To fold a sheet, an operator slides a portion of the sheet, such as a corner, into the spring clip 20. Then with simple manual manipulation, employing the spring clip 20 and folding bar 28, the folding operation is completed quickly, efficiently and neatly without risk of the sheet touching a soiled floor.

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