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Apparatus for correcting misspelling and incorrect usage of word

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #5812863.

The apparatus for correcting the misspelling and incorrect usage of a word according to the present invention enables, when a document is prepared, the proper correction of the misspelling and incorrect usage of a word which are frequently produced by the operator who is a non-native speaker of the language used in the document or a child. The present invention has been achieved in consideration of mistakes resulting from the difference between the language used in the document and the mother tongue of the operator. Specific examples of the causes of such mistakes are the difficulty the operator has in recognizing a specific sound, the characteristics of a noun and a verb which do not exist in the mother tongue of the operator, different sounds used to pronounce a phonogram depending on the language in which it is used, the existence of a dialect and a slang, the existence of a loan word, the inconsistent relationship between the sound used to pronounce a phonogram and the representation of the phonogram, the existence of an ideogram which is similar to but slightly different from another ideogram in configuration and which has different meanings depending on the language in which it is used.

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