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Electronic gaming apparatus and method

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5810664.

An electronic gaming apparatus which preferably corresponds to and effectively electronically automates games of chance as, for example, that game of chance known as "Pull-Tab." The apparatus is generally played by a single player and is designed to dispense a ticket containing indicia thereon. A large number of tickets are in the apparatus and the player actuates the apparatus and obtains a dispensed ticket. If the indicia which appears on the ticket constitutes winning or scoring indicia, the player obtains a reward as, for example, a pay-off in money. Only a limited number of the tickets contain any winning or scoring indicia. All tickets are pre-printed and may be dispensed from a bin containing pre-cut tickets. Otherwise, the tickets may be severed from a strip in the form of a roll containing all of the tickets sequentially. The apparatus comprises a display means which displays each of the indicia on a ticket. The display is operated in a manner so that the indicia are effectively scrolled across the display screen to generate an image of rotating wheels which display the indicia. In one embodiment, the display actually constitutes rotating wheels with the indicia printed on the annular surfaces thereof. In another embodiment, the indicia is generated by a raster pattern screen and where the indicia are caused to move across a screen in a manner as though it creates the image of indicia being on rotating wheels. A method of distributing pre-printed rolls of tickets is provided such that each player of the gaming apparatus plays against every other player and not just the gaming apparatus.

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