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Draft sill and wheel truck connection

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5809899.

A connection between a draft sill and a railway wheel truck is disclosed. The draft sill has a bottom and side walls extending up from the bottom. A center pin extends downward from the bottom to an exterior end surface. A boss encircles the center pin. The boss is attached to the outer surface of the center pin and to the bottom surface of the draft sill. The boss includes a plurality of ribs extending radially outward from the center pin. The total surface area of the horizontal surfaces of the boss and the center pin is less than the surface area of a standard center plate. The horizontal surfaces of the boss and center pin do not bear any vertical load under normal conditions, and no center plate is provided. The center pin and boss can be integral, and can be made to extend upward from the truck bolster to be received in an opening in the draft sill.

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