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Foldable die cut cards

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5807226.

A foldable card and method of making has multiple panels connected by fold lines which are placed laterally inward from free peripheral edges of end panels such that the card can be die cut in a folded configuration around an entire periphery of the card without entirely eliminating the fold lines. In a preferred method of making the cards, card stock is folded along the fold lines prior to cutting. The fold lines of the card are spaced at intervals to define different widths of adjoining panels so that when folded in a "Z" configuration a free peripheral edge of an end panel overlaps or underlaps a fold line. There may be multiple fold line interconnected panels between end panels. The fold lines may be oriented generally vertically or generally horizontally relative to the face of the card. Abutting surfaces of two or more adjacent panels may be bonded by adhesive at areas not coincident with adjoining fold lines in which case the fold lines between such adhesively connected panels may be eliminated in the die cutting step. In an alternate embodiment, a separate tipped-on panel is applied to a face of a folding panel of the card. The peripheral edges of the tipped-on panel are die cut such that the fold lines are positioned laterally inward from peripheral edges of the tipped-on panel so that the fold lines are not eliminated in the cutting step.

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