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Data transfer control unit for reducing memory requirements in an information processor by converting bit width of data being transferred between memory and processing parts

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #5802399.

A data transfer control unit for controlling data transfer between a main processing part executing information processing and a memory part accessed by the main processing part has a bit width control part for controlling the bit width of the transferred data so that a first bit width of a port for data input/output on the main processing part side is matched with a second bit width, which is narrower than the first bit width, of a port for data input/output on the memory part side. This bit width control part has a function of converting the bit width of the data to the second bit width in case of data transfer from the main processing part to the memory part and a function of converting the same to the first bit width in case of data transfer from the memory part to the main processing part. Thus, the capacity of the memory part can be reduced by adjusting the bit width of the data transferred between the main processing part and the memory part.

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