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Audio error mitigation technique for a TDMA communication system

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5802076.

An audio error mitigation technique for a TDMA communication system is disclosed. An audio error is assumed if any one of the following criteria is met: a detection of a CRC error in the control data or audio data within a slot; the received signal strength is below a certain threshold; or, the detection of an invalid code word, such as an all zero nibble. If either of the criteria is met, and the slot contains audio data, an error mitigation routine is performed. In one embodiment, the error mitigation routine replaces the faulty burst with the previous non-faulty burst. In another mitigation routine, any dv/dt spikes in the faulty burst are detected and smoothed by averaging nearby samples. In one embodiment, both mitigation routines are selectable in the TDMA system.

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