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Stud nail pliers apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5799381.

A stud nail pliers apparatus is provided for removing a stud nail attached to a body panel wherein the stud nail has a hemispherical head welded to the body panel. The stud nail pliers apparatus includes a pair of pliers assemblies each of which includes, in serial order, a handle portion, a pivotal portion, and a jaw portion. A pivotal connector is interconnected between the pivotal portions of the pair of pliers assemblies. Each of the jaw portions includes a respective distal portion which is distal to the pivotal connector. Each of the jaw portions includes a respective proximal portion which is proximal to the pivotal connector. Each of the jaw portions includes a respective top side and a respective bottom side. Each distal portion includes an upwardly and outwardly flaring half-well portion which includes a half-notch portion located at a respective bottom side of a respective jaw portion. Each half-well portion flares upwardly and outwardly from a respective half-notch portion toward a respective top side of a respective jaw portion. Each jaw portion tapers from a respective fulcrum portion at each respective bottom side of each proximal portion toward each respective distal portion, such that a proximal thickness of each jaw portion at a fulcrum portion is greater than a distal thickness of each jaw portion. In accordance with another aspect of the invention, a removable and replaceable half-well-containing portion is connected to each respective jaw base portion.

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