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Implantable biocompatible immunoisolatory vehicle for delivery of selected therapeutic products

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5798113.

A method of providing a biologically active molecule or metabolic or immunologic function to a patient, comprising implanting into the body of the patient at least one immunoisolatory vehicle comprising a core comprising a volume in excess of 1 .mu.l and at least about 10.sup.4 living cells dispersed in a biocompatible matrix formed of a hydrogel or extracellular matrix components, said cells being capable of secreting a biologically active product or of providing a metabolic or immunologic function to the patient; and an external jacket surrounding said core, said jacket being formed from a thermoplastic or hydrogel, said jacket being free of said cells projecting externally therefrom, said jacket being biocompatible and having a molecular weight cutoff permitting passage of molecules between the patient and the core through said jacket to provide said biologically active product of function.

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