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Apparatus intended for dispensing successive zones of a disposable strip

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5797693.

An apparatus for dispensing multizone disposable testing strips which are inserted in the apparatus by a user. The apparatus has, for the strips (34), a circulation passage (29) in which a cursor (35) is able to slide, each strip being able to be coupled to the cursor. Ratchet members (54, 57, 62a to 65), associated with a driving member attached to the cursor, are arranged so as to enable the step by step movement of the cursor in the direction of the opening (28) of the passage (29) from any position in which the cursor can be, this being achieved via a direct driving of the cursor. Accordingly, it is always possible to bring the cursor back into a position where it is near said opening. The apparatus can be applied to object dispensing devices, such as medical tablets, or to blood sugar level measuring devices.

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