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System and table-based method for converting binary floating-point numbers to a decimal representation

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5796641.

An improved system for converting a binary floating-point number to a decimal representation within a table-based computer is disclosed. In accordance with a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a computer system is provided which includes a first table and a second table. Both of the tables have several entry locations, and each of these entry locations contains a number. The computer system also has an extraction routine for extracting a first index into the first table from a binary floating-point number, an acquiring routine for obtaining a second index into the second table from the number contained within an entry location of the first table referenced by the first index, and an identifying routine for identifying a selected entry location of the second table. Such identification can be performed either by utilizing the second index or by utilizing a decremented second index when a number contained within an initial entry location of the second table referenced by the second index is greater than the binary floating-point number. In addition, the computer system also includes a display for displaying a most significant digit of a number contained within the selected entry location of the second table. Finally, the computer system includes a subtraction routine for subtracting the number contained within the selected entry location of the second table from the binary floating-point number, and a detection routine for detecting whether the binary floating-point number is equal to zero.

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