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Inverter power source apparatus using a piezoelectric transformer

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5796213.

An inverter power source apparatus using a piezoelectric transformer, has: variable oscillating device for oscillating a pulse signal; pulse-width changing device for changing a width of said pulse signal of said variable oscillating device; driving device for generating a driving signal on the basis of an output of said pulse-width changing device; a piezoelectric transformer which is driven by said driving signal, drives a predetermined load, and has input and output electrodes; detecting device for detecting a relationship between said driving signal and a resonance frequency of said piezoelectric transformer, and for, on the basis of a result of the detection, controlling a frequency of said oscillation signal of said variable oscillating device so that a difference between said resonance frequency and a frequency of said driving signal is substantially within a preset range; and pulse-width controlling device for, when a detection results of said detecting device shows that said difference between said resonance frequency and said frequency of said driving signal is substantially within said preset range, controlling said pulse-width changing device so that a current flowing through said load is substantially constant.

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