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Tethered ball practice device

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #5795250.

A practice device for improving batting, pitching, and fielding skills. The device includes a backstop which can be adjusted at different angles to the vertical to return balls striking the backstop on the ground or in the air. With the device configured for batting practice, a ball is positioned at a selected height above and at a selected location across the span of a home plate by a suspension system which includes a cantilevered arm fixed to the backstop, a tether, and a motion damping arrangement which almost instantaneously brings the tethered ball to rest after the ball is struck and rebounds to its rest position. The components of the practice device can be and quickly folded or otherwise positioned against the backstop to provide a compact, easily stored package. The practice device can also be easily configured as a wheeled cart easily moved from one location to another along with ball bags and other equipment stowable on the cart.

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