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Throttle valve for an internal combustion engine

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5794591.

A throttle valve for an internal combustion engine includes a body having a throttle bore defining an axis. A throttle plate for controlling air flow through the throttle valve is molded within the throttle bore, thereby providing a relatively exact throttle plate to throttle bore positional relationship The throttle plate may be integrally molded within the throttle bore and attached to the throttle body. The throttle plate is subsequently detached from the throttle body for relative rotation within the throttle bore. To facilitate detaching of the throttle plate, the plate may be weakened about is periphery. The throttle plate may be also formed with a bend for reducing throttle plate sticking upon rotation from an idle position and for controlling air leakage when the throttle plate is in the idle position. Further, the throttle plate may include a wedge to control air flow through the throttle bore and reinforcing ribs to further control the deflection of the throttle plate.

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