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Switch assembly and mounting bracket therefor

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5791456.

A switch assembly (10) for installation on a dynamoelectric machine (M). An electrical overload switch (12) is interconnected with the dynamnoelectric machine and electrical conduits (C) are routed thereto for resetting the dynamoelectric machine after it is shut down due to an overload condition. A conduit box (14) has opposed sidewalls (16, 18) and endwalls (20, 22), and an open top and bottom. A bracket (30) on which the switch is mounted is sized to fit in the box for a switch element (32) of the switch to be positioned adjacent an opening (34) in one wall of the box. Dimples (44a, 44b) are formed in the wall against which the bracket is installed. The dimples extend inwardly into the interior of the box and act as stops for the bracket for properly positioning the bracket and switch within the box. A plurality of knockouts (K1-K6) are formed in the sidewalls for providing an opening through which electrical conduits are routed to the switch when a knockout is removed. Mounting flanges (24, 26) are formed on opposite sides of the box for mounting the box to a cover (60) of the dynamoelectric machine. The cover has a top (62) sized to fit over the interior of the box. The top has a peripheral depending sidewall (64) covering an upper portion of respective sidewalls and endwalls of the box. Dimples (66a-66c) are formed in a section of the cover sidewall and extend inwardly. The box has corresponding dimples (70a-70c) formed therein into which the dimples in the cover sidewall fit for mounting the cover onto the box.

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