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Method of manufacturing inner gear and method of manufacturing cylindrical product

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #5788911.

A method of manufacturing the cylindrical product includes the steps of inserting a first cylindrical mold into a hole at the center of a second cylindrical mold and engaging a toothed portion on the first cylindrical mold with a spiral groove on the second cylindrical mold to provide a lower mold. Further, an upper mold is mounted thereon to form a space for forming the cylindrical product and molten resin material is injected into the space to harden therein. The second cylindrical mold is withdrawn in a direction to allow the mold to be opened, the first cylindrical mold is axially moved to insert the toothed portion into a relief groove on a flat portion of the second cylindrical mold, the first cylindrical mold is rotated in a direction to withdraw it along the flat portion, the upper mold is rotated to extract the cylindrical product.

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