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Residual product removing apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5787690.

A residual product removing apparatus which can prevent a liquid food (12) from flowing out even when a seal portion (S) is cut at its center. A pair of cutting rails (31, 32) are disposed in a cutting jaw (15a), and a cutter (21) is disposed in a clearance (33) formed between the cutting rails (31, 32) to be movable in advancing and retracting directions. A packaging material is cut at opposing portions (11a, 11b) when the cutter (21) is advanced. Dollies (31a, 32a) are disposed along the cutting rails (31, 32). A pair of heating bodies are disposed in a heat sealing jaw (15b) so as to squeeze and seal the opposing portions (11a, 11b) of the packaging material in cooperation with the dollies (31a, 32a). A groove (38) is formed between the heating bodies. The tip of the cutter (21) enters the groove (38) when the cutter (21) is advanced, and the tip of the cutter (21) presses the packaging material when the cutter (21) is located at its retracted position. Accordingly, no product remaining portion is produced between the opposing portions (11a, 11b) of the packaging material.

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