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Display apparatus that forms an optical illusion

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5787618.

A display device having an interior area in which multiple images are displayed. The images arise from reflections of one or more externally or internally illuminated patterns located within the apparatus. The device creates an optical illusion whereby multiple images appear to extend a rearward distance that is greater than the thickness of the apparatus. When multiple patterns are employed, the patterns may be spaced from each other and are combined to form the desired image. The apparatus may include one or more spotlights that function to highlight predetermined area(s) within the device. The apparatus may alternatively or in combination employ an isolated light source that illuminates the interior of a light transmitting object located between the reflective surfaces to thereby cause the object and especially the object's side edges to glow with light. In addition, recessed lighting fixtures may be employed to illuminate the interior area of the device in a manner whereby the lighting fixtures are not readily viewable from a location exterior to the device.

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