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Vascular catheter

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5782809.

A vascular catheter includes a catheter body which is made up of an inner tube formed of a metal or an alloy and an outer tube formed of a synthetic resin covering the outside surface of the inner tube. The inner tube has one or more spiral slits in the distal end portion. A vascular dilatation instrument includes an inner tube, an outer tube disposed coaxially around the inner tube, and an inflatable member having one end attached to the inner tube and another end attached to the outer tube. At least one of the inner tube and the outer tube includes a main body section based on a tube formed of a metal or alloy and a distal section made of a synthetic resin. The tube made of the metal or the alloy has one or more spiral slits in the distal end portion. The metal is selected from the group consisting of steel, tungsten and copper. The alloy is selected from the group consisting of steel alloy, tungsten alloy and copper alloy.

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