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Ergonomic matrix for back alignment

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5774916.

Ergonomic support members formed of and contoured to a corrected spinal curvature of an individual. The matrix provides the rigid support necessary for correction of the spinal curvature by gradual realignment with continued use of the support members, and may have channels for optional forced air flow, for heating and cooling and comfort of the individual during sleep or rest. Each support member is closely contoured to have a concave cross-section dimensioned according to the serial cross sections of a respective body section (e.g. head, shoulders, thorax, pelvis, and legs) while laying supine. The resulting contour of the support member thus provides the necessary convexity to evenly distribute body weight along the entire longitudinal axis of the spine and thereby provide corrective support for the spinal curvature. In the transverse plane, the contour forms a snug concavity wrapping up the sides of an individual. The concavity is symmetrical through the longitudinal axis so that the weight of a misaligned body section gradually exerts force upon the vertebra to torsionally realign, which force continues until the body weight is evenly distributed across the surface of the concavity, and thus ultimately alleviates pain in the misaligned areas. A removable head support member allows traction to be placed on the cervical vertebrae. Several embodiments of the support member are described.

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