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Conjugates comprising truncated keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) having increased biological activity and a toxin

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5773586.

The present invention relates to a keratinocyte growth factor fragment, KGF.sub.des1-23, or an analog thereof that is composed of a portion of an amino acid sequence of mature, full length keratinocyte growth factor, KGF.sub.163. The fragment exhibits at least a 2-fold increase in mitogenic activity as compared to a mature, recombinant keratinocyte growth factor, rKGF, but lacks i sequence comprising the first 23 amino acid residues, C-N-D-M-T-P-E-Q-M-A-T-N-V-N-C-S-S-P-E-R-H-T-R-(SEQ ID NO: 2) of the KGF.sub.163 N-terminus. The present invention also relates to a DNA molecule encoding KGF.sub.des1-23, an expression vector and a transformed host containing the DNA molecule, and a method of producing KGF.sub.des1-23 by culturing the transformed host The present invention further relates to a conjugate of KGF.sub.des1-23 and a toxin molecule, and the use thereof for treatment of hyperproliferative disease of the epidermis. Moreover, the present invention relates to a therapeutic composition containing KGF.sub.des1-23 and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and the use thereof for wound healing purposes.

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