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Multi-media document reproducing system, multi-media document editing system, and multi-media document editing/reproducing system

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5767846.

In a multi-media document editing and reproducing system, a multi-media document is created and edited, using scene data as structurization units of the document, by an editor which edits a reproduction sequence relation of multi-media information elements, the relation between scene data is represented in terms of a link between the scene data, while at the time of reproduction, information element data as constituent elements are read out from a multi-media information element control device in the unit of scene data and in accordance with the multi-media document structure created by the editor, then the information elements are reproduced successively and the reproduction of scene data is performed while following the links. In the same system, a continuation attribute which indicates the continuation of reproduction is added to a track after the end of reproduction of the scene data to which the track belongs, and at the time of switchover of scene data in reproduction, a reproduction processing for continuing the reproduction is performed for the track to which the continuation attribute has been designated.

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