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Automatic bullet feeder

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5763810.

A device for feeding bullets to an ammunition reloading press. A bullet guide member in the device has a vertical bore for allowing bullets to descend by gravity from a stack of bullets in a storage tube one at a time to a small platform. A feeder body is mounted for reciprocating vertically on the guide member and a shuttle is mounted for sliding horizontally relative to the feeder body between a retracted position on the body to a fully advanced position where the bullet picked up from the platform by grippers on the shuttle is aligned with a bullet seating tool and with an ammunition case that is moving upward with the ram of the press. Continuing upward movement of the ram causes the case to be pushed slightly onto the bullet and ultimately the mechanism that moves the shuttle out an in, the feeder body and shuttle rise so the bullet begins to enter the seating die. Continued upward movement of the ram causes the mouth of the bullet seating die to spread the gripping means apart so the bullet and case can continue freely into the die in which the bullet is seated. Reversal of the ram into a descending mode causes lowering of the shuttle and body of the shuttle can retract again for gripping a bullet which has settled on the platform when the shuttle was advancing.

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