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Vehicular air purification system

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5762665.

A vehicular air purification system for use with a vehicle having a ventilation system with a plurality of output vents each including a plurality of horizontally positioned directing vanes. Included is an active filter unit housing with a rectilinear configuration having a closed top face, a closed bottom face, a front face, a rear face, and a pair of closed side faces defining an interior space. The rear face and the front face both have a plurality of horizontal ventilation slots. One of the faces of the active filter unit housing has a clip adapted to allow the active filter unit housing to be removably attached within the vehicle. A motor support situated within the active filter unit housing is included for bracing a motor situated therein. The motor has a stator fixedly coupled to the motor support with an axis defined by the motor positioned perpendicularly with respect to the front face and the rear face of the active filter unit housing. The motor further has a rotor coaxially coupled within the stator with a fan coupled thereto for rotating upon the receipt of power by the motor. Further included is a vehicle cigarette lighter power adapter and a connection wire coupled between contacts of the power adapter and the motor. A first filter is coupled to the active filter unit housing for filtering air passing between the front and rear faces thereof. Working in conjunction with the active filter unit is at least one passive filter unit housing.

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