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Beverage can

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5755354.

A metal beverage can with a cup portion (10) closed at the bottom and open t the lid, and a lid portion (20) has a closable pouring opening (18) and is flanged with a flanged edge (12) onto a lid-facing edge (16) of the cup portion with a gasket (14) clamped between said flanged edge and the lid-facing edge. The lid portion (20) has, according to the invention, a pouring dome (24) connected on the inside through a circular drop-catching trough (22) to the flanged edge (12), and is curved convexly upwardly beyond the upper edge of the flanged edge, and the pouring dome has an axially centrally upwardly projecting essentially cylindrical pouring connection (26) having the pouring opening (18).

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