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Vacuum unit and a vacuum toilet system comprising such a unit

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5754987.

A vacuum unit, intended particularly for a vacuum toilet system, includes two valves (4, 6) which can be connected to a compressed-air source, an ejector (10) which includes an inlet nozzle (10a), an outlet nozzle (10b) and a vacuum opening (10c). The ejector is connected to the first valve (4) via the inlet nozzle, and to a first vacuum-unit connection (U1), via the vacuum opening. A piston valve (16) includes a first inlet (16a), a second inlet (16b) and an outlet (16c). The first inlet connects the piston valve with the ejector outlet nozzle (10), the second inlet connects the piston valve with the second valve (6), and the outlet connects the piston valve with a second vacuum-unit connection (U2). A check valve (17) is mounted between the piston valve outlet (16c) and the second vacuum-unit connection (U2). A passageway connects the second valve (6) and the second inlet (16b) of the piston valve with a further ejector inlet (10d). The further ejector inlet (10d) is directed generally at right angles to the ejector inlet nozzle (10a) and the rejector outlet nozzle (10b). The valves (4, 6) can be connected to one and the same source of compressed air via a common inlet.

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