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Disposable loading unit for surgical stapler

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5752644.

A disposable loading unit is disclosed for use in conjunction with a surgical stapling apparatus configured to sequentially apply a plurality of surgical fasteners to body tissue. The apparatus includes an actuation assembly for effectuating a fastener applying operation, and a housing for receiving and releasably supporting the disposable loading unit. The disposable loading unit includes a staple cartridge body having a longitudinal pathway extending therethrough and a plurality of spaced apart retention slots defined therein each supporting a respective surgical fastener, a plurality of fastener ejection members disposed adjacent the plurality of spaced apart retention slots and communicating with the longitudinal pathway, and an actuator supported within the staple cartridge body and configured to engage the actuation assembly of the apparatus and translate through the longitudinal pathway to contact the fastener ejection members and thereby sequentially eject the surgical fasteners from their respective retention slots.

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