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Disposable garment and related manufacturing equipment and methods

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5745922.

This invention pertains to a three dimensional disposable garment, subassemblies of the garment, and apparatus and methods for making the garment and subassemblies. The garment is designed to hold a primary absorbent sanitary pad. The garment may have elasticized leg and waist openings and be stretchable about the hip and stomach regions of a user. The garment provides backup protection to control egress of fluids that leak or seep around or through the primary sanitary pad. The garment includes a secondary absorbent positioned in the crotch area and extending into the body of the disposable garment, front and back, and preferably over the leg elastics to trap, inside the garment, leakage from the primary absorbent, and to prevent strike through onto e.g. outer clothing and bed linen. The apparatus and methods facilitate assembling leg elastics and crotch elastics into the garment subassemblies while assembling a series of garment subassemblies in a continuous web structure at a constant, or relatively constant, continuous and efficient speed.

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