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Pyrotechnic ignition apparatus

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5739459.

A plurality of magazines each receive an array of pyrotechnic devices. The magazines are latched to a fire control and support assembly which automatically engages the fire control circuit to each device of each magazine. The circuit ignites all devices of all the magazines in a given serial sequence. The system, under control of an operator, when turned off, may be restarted at the beginning of a selected sequence, at the point where the last device was ignited and continue the sequence or at selected different portions of devices. Different size devices can be ignited by one circuit using different magazines all coupled to one unit. Safety features also include delay ignition after startup and sounding an alarm before any device is ignited. A CPU is enabled by a fire command signal and disabled by internal programmed instructions. The CPU is periodically enabled in a device ignition cycle by external timing signals initiated by the CPU when enabled.

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