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Method for segmenting and estimating a moving object motion using a hierarchy of motion models

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5734737.

A method, for use in an object-oriented analysis-synthesis coder, for segmenting an image signal into moving objects contained in a current frame and describing each motion of the moving objects with a set of motion parameters using a multi-stage segmentation comprises the steps of: (a) comparing the current frame with its preceding frame to detect a moving area in the current frame; (b) further comparing the current frame with the preceding frame to detect a motion vector for each pixel in the moving area, i.e., a motion vector field; (c) first segmenting the motion vector field by using a two dimensional translational patch model; (d) secondly segmenting the first stage segmenting results by using a planar patch model; and (e) thirdly segmenting the second-stage segmenting results by using a parabolic patch model.

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