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Mode changeover apparatus for a tape player with over-stroke correction mechanism

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5719728.

A mode changeover apparatus which can turn a mode changeover gear in a returning direction without the shortage of a turning force in the returning direction in the event of occurrence of over-stroking of a head base, prevent a magnetic head from moving toward a magnetic tape beyond the optimum position thereof and reliably perform a mode changeover operation. The mode changeover apparatus comprises a head base, a torsion coil spring, a head actuating cam for actuating the head base by its rotating action in the direction opposite to a biasing direction of the torsion coil spring, flat surfaces which are formed on the head actuating cam and abut against the head base at a position where a magnetic head is in contact with the magnetic head to hold the head base at the position, and which are shaped to be perpendicular to a center line passing the rotation axis of the head actuating cam and extending toward the moving direction of the head base, and to extend on the opposite sides of the center line when abutting against said head base, outer cams provided on the outer periphery of the mode changeover gear, and a boss of a pinch roller bracket which is engaged with the outer cams to provide a turning force to the mode changeover gear in the event of occurrence of the over-stroking of the head base.

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