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Dyeing machine with reversible dye spouter

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #5713223.

Disclosed is a fabric dyeing machine provided with a reversible dye spouter capable of selectively spouting the dye either in the forward direction or in the backward direction. The dyeing machine comprises a casing divided into a top fabric holder and a bottom fabric holder and the fabric holders can be subdivided into a number of subcontainers such that the quantity of fabric being processed at the same time can be increased. The reversible dye spouter comprises a forward nozzle for discharging dye in forward direction to dye the fabric and also force the fabric to move forwards; a reverse nozzle for discharging dye in reverse direction to dye the fabric and also force the fabric to move backwards. In normal operating conditions, the spouter is selected to be operated in forward mode so as to move the fabric forward from the entrance to the exit of the dyeing machine; and in abnormal operating condition when the self-folding of the fabric is disturbed such that the fabric is disorderly self-folded, the spouter can be switched to reverse mode so as to move the fabric backward and thus unfolding the disorderly folded fabric. After the fabric is unfolded, the spouter can be switched back to forward mode again so as to move the fabric forward again to try for another round to self fold itself neatly.

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