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Bottle carrying device having a pivotable spout

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5711465.

A bottle carrying device having a pivotable spout (120) for carrying a conventional bottle (24) from a flexible extension member (22), includes a main body portion (130) and a pivotable spout portion (140). A substantially cylindrical recess is formed in a first end of the main body portion, which has internal threads (138) formed therein. The internal threads threadably receiving an externally threaded end (26) of the bottle. A second end of the main body portion (130) includes a recessed portion (132) for receiving the pivotable spout and has a passage (136) formed therein The spout is pivotally attached to the main body portion through pins (144) and includes a flexible tube (146) insertable through passage (136). The lower end of the flexible tube terminates in the bottle's interior, and the upper end is in fluid communication with an outlet spout (150). The outlet spout includes a cap (152), which is slidable from a first position to a second position, wherein a path of fluid communication is opened through the squeeze spout when the cap is in the first position, and the path of fluid communication is closed when the cap is in the second position. A wing portion (170) having an aperture (172) formed therethrough, connects to the wing portion for receiving the flexible extension member.

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