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Vibrationally damped structure

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5705769.

A vibrationally damped structure includes a structure that is susceptible vibrations and a constrained damping layer positioned over at least a portion of the vibrating structure. The constrained damping layer includes a continuous damping layer bonded to the surface of the structure for providing the first reduction of vibrational energy transmitted through the structure. The constrained damping layer further includes a segmented constraining layer bonded to a portion of the continuous damping layer for providing a second reduction of vibrational energy transmitted through the structure and the continuous damping layer. The continuous damping layer preferably includes a layer of elastomeric material bonded to the structure with an epoxy bonding compound or the like. The segmented constraining layer includes a plurality of rigid segments, such as aluminum plates, bonded to the continuous damping layer with a bonding compound. The constrained damping layer can be placed over the shell structure on its interior surface, exterior surface or both surfaces.

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