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Electroluminescent device for illuminating a liquid crystal display

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #5703666.

A liquid crystal device has a light source and liquid crystal elements which selectively transmit light emitted by the light source. The liquid crystal device comprises: the light source, being an electroluminescent device, having a transparent electrode disposed on a light output side of the light source, an electrode opposite to the transparent electrode, and an electroluminescence emission layer interposed between the transparent electrode and the opposite electrode; voltage supply means connected to the transparent electrode in order to feed a reference voltage to the transparent electrode; and driving voltage application means for applying a driving voltage to the opposite electrode. The driving voltage application means comprises a separate excitation type driving circuit using the capacitance of the electroluminescent device itself to produce an alternating current, and pulse generating means for generating a pulse responsive to an input signal to turn on and off a switch of the separate excitation type driving circuit. The pulse generating means includes a multivibrator and a capacitor and a resistor determine the width of the pulse.

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