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Three-dimensional moving image recording/reproducing system which is compact in size and easy in recording and reproducing a three-dimensional moving image

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #5694235.

Upon picking up an image, light beams passing through a focal point of an image-forming lens are directed to an optical detector array comprising a plurality of optical detectors. Each optical detector selectively receives a light beam passing through the focal point with a particular different angle. By two-dimensionally scanning the focal point at a high speed by the use of a polygonal mirror and a vertical scanning section, a parallactic image of an object placed at a pickup/display position is picked up at a particular angle. Upon display, the parallactic image taken in a particular direction is projected from each light source of a light source array to the focal point. The focal point is two-dimensionally scanned at a high speed so that a stereoscopic image is displayed on the pickup/display position.

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