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Device recognizing method and apparatus for surface mounting device mounter

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5694219.

An improved device recognizing method and apparatus for an SMD mounter which are capable of more accurately mounting a device on a PCB (Printed circuit Board) by controlling the position of a device based on a deformation error and a position determining accuracy error, which include a work head slidably arranged on the X-axis table for holding a device and mounting the same, a work position recognizing camera attached to the work head for recognizing a work position on which a device is mounted, a device detection camera attached to an SMD mounter main body below the X-Y table for detecting the deviated amount between the center of the device held by the work head and the center of the work head, a checking position recognizer attached to the device detection camera and detected by the work position recognizing camera, an eyesight recognizer connected with the work position recognizing camera and the device detection camera for recognizing the position detected by each camera, and a position controller connected with the eyesight recognizer and the X-Y table for controlling the position of the work head in accordance with the signal recognized by the eyesight recognizer.

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