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Shirt pressing apparatus with movable cuff clamps

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5692326.

A shirt pressing apparatus includes a buck upon which a shin can be loaded before transferring the buck into a cabinet for pressing and finishing of the shirt. Movable with the buck is a pair of rods which have attached thereto cuff clamps. In accordance with the invention, each of the cuff clamps includes a pair of longitudinally chamfered pinch bars which are mounted in a clamp housing and biased into engagement with each other. The pinch bars are preferably made of Teflon.TM. and are readily replaceable when worn. The cuff portions of the shirts to be pressed are loaded between the pinch bars of the cuff clamps from below while the rods are located adjacent the buck. Thereafter, the rods are extended away from the buck to place sleeves of the shirt in tension during the pressing and finishing operation. When the shirt is finished and comes out of the cabinet, the rods remain in their extended positions during unloading of the shirt.

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